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For more than a decade, Regality Software provided retailers with potent Point of Sale solutions that increase both productivity and sales. In 2016 POSitive POS SA, based out of Johannesburg, South Africa purchase the software from Regality, and continues to create innovative software for major retailers in Africa, as well as abroad. POSitive POS SA’s main software package is POSitive Point of Sale V.5. You can download a free trial of this powerful solution here.

POSitive Point-of-Sale

Increased sales, diversified product offerings, and more complicated supply chains have made the implementation of an effective POS system essential in any retail environment. Competition is tight in the retail sector, and you need every advantage you can get. With POSitive Point of Sale, you’ll have access to the most powerful weapon of all: detailed information on every aspect of your shop’s sales.

Utilize custom reports to improve sales and efficiency:

  1. Best/Worst Sellers
  2. Sell-Off Ratios
  3. Re-Order Levels
  4. Accurate Stock Holdings

Armed with this critical data, you’ll be able to make shifts in your marketing, stocking, and staffing. With POSitive, you have all of the control.

POSitive Point of Sale Software fully supports all Point of Sale devices, including Barcode Scanners and Printers, Customer Pole Displays, Till Drawers, Touch Screens and Programmable Keyboards.

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