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Choosing the right POS system is crucial for any business, whether it's a small retail store or a bustling restaurant. A reliable POS system, or point of sale system, integrates seamlessly into daily operations, offering efficient management of transactions and inventory. From restaurant POS systems that streamline order processing to versatile mobile POS solutions for on-the-go sales, the best POS systems cater to diverse business needs. Whether you're looking for a POS terminal, cash register for sale, or electronic point of sale system, Positive Point of Sale ensure smooth transactions and enhanced customer service. Explore our range of POS devices and software solutions designed to optimize your business operations and elevate your retail experience.

POSitive Point of Sale Products

POS Lite

Perfect for smaller retailers, POSitive Point of Sale Lite offers essential features tailored for startups and small businesses. This POS system includes robust inventory management to track stock levels effectively, basic reporting tools for insights into sales trends, and customer management capabilities to enhance client relationships. With its intuitive interface and reliable performance, POSitive Point of Sale Lite ensures that small businesses can efficiently manage transactions and streamline operations.

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POS Touch

POSitive Touch is meticulously crafted for restaurants, bars, deliveries, and takeaways, offering an efficient front-end complement to the robust capabilities of the POSitive Point of Sale system. Designed to streamline operations, POSitive Touch enhances service efficiency, ensuring smooth order management and customer interaction. Your employees will appreciate the intuitive interface and enhanced functionality that POSitive Touch brings to their service, making it an indispensable tool for optimizing restaurant and hospitality operations.

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POS Full

Designed for growing businesses, POSitive Point of Sale Full is equipped with advanced features essential for expanding operations. This comprehensive POS system supports multi-location setups, enabling seamless management across different outlets. It provides detailed analytics to monitor sales performance and optimize strategies, along with integrations with accounting software for streamlined financial management. Highly customizable, POSitive Point of Sale Full adapts to various retail environments, ensuring scalability and efficiency as businesses evolve and expand.

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POS Central

Our web-based POS system, POSitive Point of Sale Central, empowers businesses with the flexibility to oversee operations remotely from any location. It facilitates real-time data synchronization across multiple stores, ensuring consistency and accuracy in inventory management, sales tracking, and customer interactions. This capability enables efficient management of large-scale retail operations, enhancing operational transparency and decision-making. POSitive Point of Sale Central is designed to optimize productivity and streamline workflows, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking robust and agile POS solutions.

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Customer Testimonials

"Using POSitive Point of Sale has revolutionized how we manage our restaurant. The ease of use and powerful reporting capabilities have helped us increase efficiency and deliver better customer service."

- Rita, Restaurant Owner

"We've been using POSitive Point of Sale for over two years now and couldn't be happier. It has simplified our inventory management and allowed us to focus more on growing our business."

- Jane Smith, Retail Store Manager

"This integrated EFT as well as POSitive POS' airtime integration with Vexen will give me accurate control over the card transactions happening in my two businesses and will eliminate mistakes with the previous duplicate airtime transactions."



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