POsitive POS SA

POsitive Point of Sale

POsitive Point of Sale

Point Of Sale (POS) solution features include, but are not limited to

POsitive POS soltion is developed in South Africa for South African businesses. Backup and support is a telephone call away.

More than a Point Of Sale solution!

Find out how Positive POS can change the way you do business. Benefit from the many features that ensure you stay in control of your stock, margins and keep your customers happy. To be certain Positive POS is for your business take a look for yourself.

Business Benefits

Stay on top of your business. Keep track in real time of stock, margins, pricing, invoicing and see a smart return on your investment. Positive POS SA has been developed in partnership with customers and is designed to meet the needs of most retail and service focused businesses. Positive POS SA is the Positive choice by Positive people.

Advanced Reporting

Real time information is the key to making sure your business delivers a return on your investment. Need information now? Access the reports manually at any time. Company information at your fingertips.

Value for Money

A Point Of Sale that includes all modules, from inventory management to sales and advanced reporting that doesn’t cost the earth. Positive POS is available as an outright purchase or on a rental agreement.

Ease Of Use

The point of sale is designed for people. Positive POS SA is committed to making the product easy to use so that you can serve customers in the shortest possible time. Touch screen or mouse operated computers with integrated bar code scanners can be used. Accept any form of currency or card. You win and the customer wins.

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